"Education is the manifestation of required perfection which is already in Human"
I sincerely acknowledge all the students, parents and guardians of Babylon National H.S. School for your trust on us in our joint endeavours geared to transforming the self and the society to become the pillar of your family, society and the nation as well.
Since 1996, Babylon has been recognized as being a pioneering global education system in Nepal for those students who are in the hunt of global standards within their homeland, Nepal. At Babylon, we endeavour to offer the Management in plus-2 level that is innovative, reflecting best practices and catering for a broad academic range.

At Babylon National H.S. School, we strive to provide our students with a stimulating environment in order for meaningful learning to take place. Most importantly, we insist on selecting and appointing quality, committed, enthusiastic and talented faculties and staff who are passionate about educating young people. We value our staff and are committed to selecting educators who will engage the students in a learning journey that is exciting, authentic and significantly relevant to their own interests.

I warmly welcome all the inquisitive scholars to visit our College and meet with me. I am sure that the dynamic and caring culture at Babylon will make you feel a difference.

Raju Rai

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